A Recreation Of The RMS Titanic Dinner and Diving Wreck Experience

Cookson Adventures joins up with Ocean-gate to recreate the unique trip package, which is planned to take place in July this year. 

Nine persons are making the trip to the spot in the Atlantic, south part of the Newfoundland, Where the ill-fated ship liner sunk, after hitting an ice berg on its tour from Southampton to NYC in 1912. 

The tourists will the accompany scientists and researchers on board Titan, the single non GOVT owned manned submersible vessel, able of reaching the massive depths Of 4k meters. 

Guests will help the panel in navigating to the wreck, that is situated more than 3.7k meters below water and assist with photography and sonar mapping. The Titan will explore the ship’s (Titanic) deck, radio room, bridge, and famous 1st class staircase. 

The experience concludes with a ten course meal back on land that is based on the vessel’s actual menu served in the 1st class deck on 14th April, just night before the vessel sunk. 

Among the meals known to have been offered on the time are Consommé Olga oysters, cucumber and salmon, mousse line sauce; Filet Mignons Lili, peaches in Chartreuse jelly, Calvados-glazed roast duck with apple sauce; and chocolate eclairs with French vanilla cream. 

This’ll be accompanied by the jar of 1907 Heidsieck Gout Champagne, the classic known to have been consumed on board the ship. Got from supplier wine source, the jar salvaged from the wreck of Swedish schooner sunk by a submarine from Germany in 1916. 

The expedition, which is the primary manned tour since 2005, could be one of the final to take place. A research in 2016, unveiled that the Titanic ship, which is badly rusted, and could be disintegrate within fifteen to twenty years. 

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Written by Lisa Yarde


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