Backyard Ideas That’ll Transform Your Space Into Paradise

As much as I love to get cozy in the living room and lounge around in bed, a backyard is a true sanctuary—especially if it’s prepped with all the right backyard bells and whistles. Indeed, your outdoor space can be just as inviting, comfortable, and stylish as your interiors, but it also offers fresh air and nature. So it’s the best of both worlds. From manicured landscapes to stately patios and paradise-status pools, get ready for some al fresco bliss with these 60 backyard ideas to help you get yours in shape for the warmer months ahead. And make sure you bookmark your favorites so you can bring them to life at home.

Invest In a Tennis Court

If you have an active household and would prefer something the whole family can enjoy, install a tennis court. Not only is this a great investment for your property and health, but a beautiful tennis court will also make your backyard feel vacation-ready. Ed Holland framed this one with lush greenery and a stone pathway.

Build a Gazebo

This beautiful backyard designed by April Powers has a glassed-in swimming pool to optimize it for exercise all year round and the cozy gazebo is perfect for al fresco hangs, thanks to the colorful performance fabric, curtains, and coffee table.

Make Water Features Dramatic

A dramatic water feature and tropical, lush greenery make this backyard feel like it’s bursting with possibility. Ivy climbs all the way up the exterior of the home, too.

Build In a Trampoline

You will forever be known as the coolest house on the block if you have a built-in trampoline in the backyard. Even if it takes up the whole lawn, it’s worth it.

Invest in an In-Ground Swimming Pool

This in-ground swimming pool surrounded by a sun-dappled garden and canopy of trees is a backyard dream. Hang some string lights in the seating area for extra style points.

Set Up a Work Studio

Build a separate workshop in the backyard if space allows. Reath Designs opted for a floor-to-ceiling glass window design, which helps boost productivity and creativity and doesn’t disrupt the visual flow of the landscape.

Upgrade Your Seating

Swing sofas are the perfect blend between benches and hammocks. Not only are they relaxing and comfortable, but they can also be visually intriguing, especially if you play with scale and proportion. Designed by Studio Life/Style, these swing sofas with super long ropes are the perfect example.

Create a Flower-Covered Pergola

The only thing more heavenly than this cottage‘s pool is the wisteria growing beside it. Shading a group of bistro chairs, the pergola provides the perfect lunch spot.

Hang a Hammock

If you have a tiny outdoor space, you can still take advantage of the fresh air in style. Hang a slim hammock and then make it pop with a jute area rug, fun throw pillows, and floor cushions for extra seating.

Consider an Outdoor Kitchen

Alfresco dining is great, but cooking outside is even better. At a Key West house, the outdoor kitchen cabinets are made from old cypress shutters.

Install a Fountain

Wendy Owen used local fieldstone and water channels to create a scenic fountain on her Sonoma property. She took inspiration from historic structures in Provence.

Build a Small Greenhouse

Leanne Ford built this A-frame garden shed to function as an outdoor playhouse for her child and plans to turn it into a greenhouse once they outgrow its current use-case.

Build an Outdoor Bar

Build a bar for more stylish entertaining outdoors. Choose an eye-catching tile design and hang string lights for a romantic, summery vibe.


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