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FIND and engage your target audience where and how they spend their time. You may reach your target audience across all platforms and screens with the help of the Modern Luxury Digital Network's custom solutions, which extend your brand's reach across premium destinations.

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Stretching helps alleviate muscle tightness.

Stretching helps alleviate muscle tightness and tension caused by prolonged sitting.

Utilizing the Portico Decor Network to promote localized initiatives or national messaging, scaling the influence of your online campaign with highly viewable, rich media ad placements.

Email Marketing

Stretching increases blood flow.

Stretching increases blood flow, delivering vital nutrients, resulting in reduced fatigue.

Portico Decor provides targeted reach with email messaging to our engaged database of local VIPs in each market, serving to drive traffic and engagement.

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Regular office stretching promotes joint mobility.

Regular office stretching promotes joint mobility and flexibility, reducing the risk of injuries.

Unlock the power of personalized content, ignite your brand with influential campaigns, amplify your reach with sponsored posts, and dominate the social media landscape with targeted platform advertising.

Influencer Campaigns

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Engaging in stretching releases endorphins, natural feel-good hormones.

To boost your brand's image, find the perfect people to share your story and generate buzz and word of mouth by using endorsements that are 100% genuine, premium, and on-brand.

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Partner with Portico Decor and leverage our platform to create personal and local connections backed by the strength of our national media portfolio.
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By collaborating with our partners and utilizing our editorial voice, audience analytics, and marketing skills, we are able to develop cutting-edge native integrations across all of our platforms.

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Instead of filling our channels with irrelevant ads, we want to work with a small number of sponsors with whom we can share prominent placement across all of our platforms. Portico Décor, one of the leading Online Home Decor websites, has a robust partnership program that allows luxury retailers to gain access to a new, well-segmented market by partnering with them to sell their wares.

Portico Decor Magazine just not another home decor magazine, home to a powerful curated collection of iconic lifestyles, home, food, wellness and health.

With a powerful partnership program, Portico Décor, one of the leading luxury shopping websites offering great choices in luxury living, Décor, Lifestyle, premium accessories, exotic location, elite shopping, state of the art technology, home and furnishings, gives luxury retailers to tap a new well – segmented market.

Sellers and resellers find Portico Décor to push and promote their brands with ample options to push seasonal offers, discounts and vouchers which attract a considerable customer segment. Our advertising and marketing solutions span virtually any available platform, from digital sites to social to video .

If you’re interested in advertising on porticodecor.com, please contact advertising@porticodecor.com

If you’re interested in running across multiple Jonas Magazines sites or in leveraging our audience-based or programmatic solutions, please contact hdadvertising@jonasmagazines.com.

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Discover innovative strategies and utilize the latest techniques.

Using advanced demographic data to target ideal customers Custom Native Content: Innovative storytelling campaigns that seamlessly blend your brand's messaging and visual identity into the content ecosystem's design and tone.

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