Bringing That Old Hollywood Glamour Into Your Home

The 60s, in the golden time of Hollywood where glamour reigned top, decorating one’s house to feel as lavish as a top-notch hotel was de rigueur. And that visual continues to inspire the inner of houses now. Who does not like a velvet touch in the Palest pink?

We highlight interior décor work to show just how simple it’s to bring the amazing allure of Hollywood into your own spot. From hosting a screening event to sipping cocktails, insider tips for setting the mood like a film star.

Enchant your visitors

An enormous gateway starts with a warm welcome, antique Las Palmas is complete of A list start home, where decadent entertaining – inside, outside – is a vital part of the culture.

On the terrace, opt for the arrangements of succulents and all other desert-friendly flora to remain maintenance as-simple-as can be. Mix and match white shade planters of diff sizes and shapes to remain uniformly chic.

Enjoy Cocktail Hour

Outside entertainment was at the core of old Hollywood, so flying opened the doors and set the way for a party that’d make even the Rat Pack Pound. Small touches of glitz, glamour elevate a backyard because of chic cocktail hour, particularly if you pepper in a few main references from the period.

Set a Gracious Table

After your respectable guest worked up an appetite, invite them to take a seat at a carefully considered table.

Hold a Screening Party Event

What better way to evoke old Hollywood than with a pure classic film night, select a spirited tap like 63s Palm Springs weekend to play on the projector, and wheel in the bar list to keep the cocktails coming until the last part credits roll.

Create Your Bedroom An Oasis

When it is time to retreat to your individual sanctuary, ensure your bedroom is worthy of a star legend. A fine way to bring Hollywood into an inner is to mix pastels.

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