Choosing The Best Pet-Friendly Flooring For Your Home

In any relationship, compromise and collaboration are key, even when it comes to you and your furry friend. When considering your home’s flooring, it’s important to pick something you both will love. Primary factors to consider are durability and comfort. Your local Floor Coverings International® of Birmingham team is ready to help you make the best flooring decision for you and the whole family!

pet-friendly flooring for your home

Tile & Stone

Tile and stone are inherently durable and easy to clean, which is convenient for managing spills, accidents, and muddy paws. If you have a new puppy or an accident-prone pet, maintaining the grout could be difficult, so using a stain-resistant grout is recommended. Along with functionality, tile and stone offer a wide variety of styles and colors to customize your space. You can also enhance your pet’s comfort by adding soft rugs and pet beds around the house.


Perhaps the best and most practical pet-friendly flooring choice is luxury vinyl. It’s affordable, long-lasting, and resistant to scratches, moisture, and stains. In addition to durability, vinyl flooring offers some cushion, keeping everyone’s feet happy and diminishing the click-clack of your pet’s nails. Another benefit of vinyl flooring is the texture, which minimizes slipping and sliding. Versatility is also an advantage with vinyl, as it can mimic stone or wood to best fit your home’s aesthetic.

Bamboo & Cork

Eco-friendly bamboo and cork are solid alternative flooring options. Bamboo is appealing for Birmingham homeowners yearning to keep a hardwood design look. Highly durable, bamboo flooring is slightly more resistant all around than hardwood, while maintaining a similar, if not more affordable, price point. Despite slightly more resistance to spills and scratches, it’s still a concern with playful pets, so using rugs in high traffic areas is recommended.

Both flooring options are uniquely antimicrobial (reducing the risk of mold and mildew growth). Cork is also unique because of its natural insulation capability. Like vinyl, cork provides some cushion and sound absorption to minimize the clicking of pets’ nails. However, because of its flexibility, cons to consider are susceptibility to dents from heavy furniture and scratches if your pet has long nails.

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