Discover The Next Level Of Operable Glass Walls For This Pool House Season

There’s no better time to throw on your life jacket and enjoy those warm summer days by the pool. Make your winter home the center of attention with operable glass walls that optimize functionality, transparency and year-round performance.

Let’s see how other homeowners have used this versatile design solution to make their pool houses even cooler. From folding to sliding to solid panel sizes, from aluminum to wood frames, from traditional to contemporary, today in this article we have some amazing examples that are sure to inspire you in building an operable glass wall this winter season.

Multifunctional house with swimming pool

When building the ultimate outdoor living space, the metropolitan city homeowners have one goal: to maximize the views of the protected forest near their property. Unlike others on the market, NW Aluminum 840 offers the thinnest bezels available and allows for more glass to maximize the exterior appearance. For many homeowners, these were the main selling points that convinced them to choose folding glass walls for their pool house project.

From the pond to the sea

Waterfront residences perfectly blends traditional design with nautical accents that value the breezy environment. The design includes a pool house, its interior design and operable aluminum clad glass walls that match the rest of the windows with specially simulated split lights. We can only imagine the fun family gatherings being held here!

Splash Pool brings families together

A family searching for the perfect multi-generational family home in overlooking the glistening waters of a river. Every room in the house is connected to the outdoors, including the kitchen and dining area, which flow seamlessly into the indoor/outdoor “plunge pool” and outdoor pool via a series of weather-resistant, folding glass walls. A fenced paddling area invites you to have fun in the pool at any time of the year and in any weather!

Best entertainment area

Give your guests something to remember and make your home their favorite place to entertain with the ultimate pool house escape in the comfort of your own home! This impressive pool house is equipped with a kitchen, dining table, bathroom and living room with fireplace. The foldable glass wall with FoldFlat technology folds completely and completely disappears from the opening, creating a smooth and seamless transition in and out of the room.

Enjoy game night from the comfort of your pool

Take traditional game nights to new heights with a wide, flexible opening that lets you score outside even in the pool. From allowing unobstructed views to creating seamless transitions, this operable glass wall in a pool house optimizes function and space with a fully customizable solution. In cold weather when the pool is not in use, the space can be used as a guest house, home office, or whatever the owner needs.

Guest house or pool house? Why not both!

The attention to detail in this pool house design is the focus of any garden party. A floor-to-ceiling wall of glass opens like a curtain to reveal a multi-functional two-story living room that doubles as a guest house and poolside cabana. Therefore, it is important to equip it with the essentials: a fully equipped kitchen, an upstairs bedroom, a bathroom and a living room with a TV. We definitely wouldn’t mind staying here for a few days this summer!

Four-season winter with one-lane slide

indoor waterfall anyone? This impressive indoor pool area offers the perfect place to relax all year round, even in the middle of a snowy winter. A weather-controlled, single-track sliding glass wall protects the interior from harsh temperatures without compromising views of the changing landscape or ease of use. Better yet, individual panels can be placed in a variety of configurations, moved around corners and slid into distant piles that are not flush with the opening. How do you customize yours?

Weather-resistant wood frame

Bring the timeless elegance of wood to a pool house with a wood-framed folding glass wall with a 90-degree open angle design. Weather-resistant wood offers minimal maintenance and the ease of use required for indoor/outdoor homes, not to mention space optimization for small spaces. Adaptable wood framing was chosen to complement the rest of the residence’s aesthetic as well as an additional wood framing system in the main living area.

Sleep in the comfort of your own home

Can you believe this is someone’s house? You can also recreate the effect of a spa-like space with minimal floor-to-ceiling sliding glass walls that invite the outdoors while creating a sense of calm and serenity – all year round. Glass walls offers the best of minimalism with advanced technology for ease of use and durability. Stainless steel rollers slide on a stainless steel track over the waterline for long term continuous operation. Imagine opening those walls and enjoying a charming evening of relaxation!

Share Lite to win

Some Residences share a passion for swimming. So when building the perfect pool house, not a single amenity shouldn’t be left out – including the addition of a collapsible glass wall. When operable glass walls are opened, bar-style seating is available at the kitchen counter for the ultimate indoor/outdoor dining experience.

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