Engrave Your Valentine’s Name Directly On The Box With zChocolat

As one of the main attributes of Valentine’s day is Chocolate, and zChocolate’s this year valentine range can be the ultimate present for your one and only. Produced by world Champion professional Chocolate creator Pascal Caffet, velvety deep dark color chocolate hearts covered with Fleur De SEL, caramel or half pound masterpieces bursting with caramelized Piedmont hazelnuts speak way louder than words.

Currently, it is possible to personalize the entire chocolate presents by engraving your valentine’s name (or a very special date) directly on the packet, writing a poem lines on the texts card with a individual image, stamping his or her initials on the wax seal sealing your reward or adding a unique heart-shaped padlock with a individually picked combination.

The sweets are housed in the mahogany treasure chest that is carved with the exclusive word love. The entire boxes from zChocolate’s this year Valentine’s day range can also be refilled with your special one’s most favorite assortments.

Speaking of the assortment, it is entirely made of completely natural elements, exotic one origin cocas. You can find the gold leaf covered rich dark chocolate or chocolate heart bursting with fleur de SEL Caramel on the gilded and inside with 24 karats of edible gold on the outer part. Every item in zChocolate’s 14th Feb Valentine’s day range is bespoke in France and reflects the real passion and elegance which make this place the world’s most romantic venue.

Special Divine Valentine’s Day Gifts

This year Valentine’s day, fan the flames of abiding passion with provocative range featuring intriguing methods and surprisingly decadent flavor. Polished heart formed exteriors provide a way to reveal tempting filling that embodies the mystery, enhancement, and mystery of true love. With sophisticated boxes and unparalleled epicurean panache, every gift captures the inherent allure of France’s most excellent chocolate and is a memorable way to say JE T’AIME.

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