Quench On Sustainability Luxury KOPU Sparkling Water

In the battle against plastic, lots of nature-friendly minded consumers are making the move to recycle drinking vessels and KOPU Sparking water is a brand that sets itself apart by providing resealable aluminum water bottles. Aluminum serves as an environmentally friendly substitute to plastic and glass and the bottles are capped with screw tops that are perfect for on-the-go use.

KOPU Sparking Water comes packaged in eco-friendly aluminum bottles, the eco-friendly substitute to plastic and glass, with resealable screw top. The teal, sleek-accented bottles bring suitability to the deluxe experience and look amazing by a pool, on the deck of a yacht or at a restaurant. Additionally, it gets rid of waste.

Almost seventy-five percent of all aluminum ever created remains in active circulation today, and produces up to seventy percent of municipal recycling profits, funding the recycling of glass, plastic, and paper. KOPU aluminum bottle is eighty percent lighter than an equivalent-sized glass bottle, and the firm uses maritime transport which is almost ten percent as fuel proficient per ton as trucking.

Aluminum almost never finds a landfill. Actually, due to its worth seventy-five percent of all aluminum ever created remains in active circulation today. Contrast that to less than one percent of plastic and glass.

By virtue of its light durability and weight, aluminum transports more proficiently, whether in shipments or along on a hike. The resealable and handy bottles are amazing and convey an instant statement about making conscientious decisions for the well being of the world.

Special to its volcanic aquifer, KOPU has a naturally occurring mixture of valuable minerals. Subtly sweet, this unique water holds a fit quantity of “the beauty mineral,” silica (89 mg/L), famous for its skin, hair and nails enhancing features. Other vital minerals in KOPU, such as potassium and magnesium, are naturally replenishing and very important for an active lifestyle.

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