Smart Articulating Kitchen Faucets A New Level Of Culinary Design

Wi-Fi Waterfall Faucets For Your Home

Since the inception of technological advances, drastic changes has occurred and this has brought about some unimaginable changes in mode of doing things, for instance we have “self-drive” car, flying cars and the recent Wi-Fi Waterfall.

From voice-activated temperature control to precise water control to liquid tracking, today’s smart faucets offer an easy upgrade to any kitchen. Today we shall talk about high tech Wi-Fi Waterfall

Here are our tips for smart faucets for your home.

Kohler Artifact

Kohler Artifacts combine traditional design with cutting-edge technology. This touchless faucet provides voice control beyond “on” and “off.” The owner can instruct the artifact to pour a specific volume of liquid or reach a pre-set level, such as filling a pot passed down through generations.

Don’t worry if you feel strange talking to your faucet; Artifact is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Homekit, so you can also talk to your smartphone or speaker. The fact that it is a contactless artifact does not exclude you from touching it. This faucet has a tri-function drop-down spray head (jet, cleaning spray, and BerrySoft spray) to give consumers a greater range and higher degree of functionality depending on their demands.


Moen STO

The future is today, and you can have it with Moen STO in your kitchen. The STO has a futuristic look and a variety of options to manage your faucet, including voice and smartphone commands, waving, and the tried-and-true (but old-fashioned) touch of the handle.

STo can pour precisely the appropriate quantity – at the perfect temperature – at your command, in addition to different methods to turn the gadget on and off. The smart faucet also offers a handwash preset (enabled by speaking, “Tell Moen to wash your hands”) that promotes excellent hygiene for the entire family with a wet soap rinse cycle.


PUR PLUS tap filter system with Bluetooth

PUR is for you if you want a smart faucet for analysis rather than any of the control functions. The PUR PLUS faucet filtration system with Bluetooth is a plug-in to your existing faucet arrangement that not only filters and purifies your tap water to make it safe to drink, but also connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth.

Enables consumers to save both water and money. against buying bottled water owing to the associated app. PUR PLUS customers may even establish objectives for increased hydration and/or savings using the app. Users of the PUR Plus App may also check the condition of the filters and, if necessary, request a device change.

Delta VoiceIQ Module

You may already enjoy your present faucet configuration… but you’ll love some of the ingenious features. This desire can become a reality for Delta faucet owners thanks to the Delta Voice IQ module.

Delta owners may change their prior “dumb” faucet into a smart device that can take voice instructions, including on-off orders, dispense a specified quantity, fill custom-sized containers (dog dish, coffee pot), or track water consumption with this simple plug-in. Owners may also connect the gadget to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to manage faucet operations even when they are out of reach in the kitchen.

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