Smart Storage Options for Your Wine

Vintech The Ultimate Cabernet Automation Smart Storage Device

For individuals who love mechanization as much as they love Cabernet, these gadgets are sure to satisfy. For your wines, intelligent technology offers a proficient method to store every one of your things. As a wine lover, wine collection is important as the temperature of the wine cellar is for the enjoyment of the wine. Wine, as essentially every culinary craftsmanship, is no more unusual than smart technology.

The following are the most recent smart storage solutions.

Café Wine Center

For the moderate collector with an intention for display, Café offers a 46-bottle wine cooler with a LED light wall that spans the whole back panel giving an in-vogue stylish solution for choosing and showing your collection. Owners can handle this lighting feature on the Wi-Fi-empowered Wine Center through the SmartHQ application, diminishing and illuminating their wine storage with the swipe of a finger.

Sub-zero Designer Wine Storage

Leading name in bringing down temperatures, Sub-Zero offers oenophiles style, security, and keen features with its Designer Wine Storage series. Holding 59, 86, or 102 bottles, depending upon model size, the Wi-Fi-equipped Designer Series permits users to distantly control temperatures across two to four temperature zones while double evaporators keep up consistent humidity all through.


Plum is ideal for the collector who is enthusiastic about wine however short on space. When a container is embedded into this countertop contraption, it naturally recognizes the varietal, region, winery, wine and readies the drink precisely as the maker expected, absolutely penetrating the cork (or substitute top) and carrying it to the ideal temperature identified by the winemaker.


The listed Smart Storage Options for Your Wine is there to satisfy those that adore wine. This will make it simple to set up and arrange wine without manual work.

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