The Gorgeous Italian-Made Flexform Cestone Sofa

The Cestone sofa from Italian design furniture company Flexform was made to be placed at the centre of your home.

Founded in 1959 by the Galimberti brothers, Flexform is a family business that has been at the helm of the furniture industry for over 50 years. From the Brianza furniture manufacturing district in Northern Italy, Flexform’s furniture travelled to Milan, Lake Como and even the foyer of the Teatro alla Scala.

So it comes as no surprise that the company carries a catalogue full of timeless furniture and classic home items, each made in the city of Meda, in Italy. From armchairs to ottomans, beds, tables, bookshelves, cabinets, rugs and more, you can always expect expert craftsmanship and a product that is something akin to an art piece for your home.

The standouts in its vast collection of furniture are the Flexform sofas: sophisticated yet comfortable, timeless but modern. Each one is carefully designed to both complement your home, and stand out — made with the highest quality of material, whether it be leather, fabrics, wood, metal or upholstery.

The Gorgeous Italian-Made Flexform Cestone Sofa
The Italian-Made Flexform Cestone Sofa
The Cestone sofa is designed to be the centre of attention — or at least, to be placed at the centre of your living space. Rather than be pushed against a wall or along the perimeter of the room, the Cestone sofa is a star player, sitting in the middle.

Its backs and sides are composed of a metal structure upholstered with woven strips of cowhide — a high-quality natural material that Flexform makes broad use of, as it maintains its beauty as it ages. A well-known fabric in use since ancient times, it was ideal for protection from cold and bad weather and offers great flexibility while maintaining its shape. You’ll find cowhide in other Flexform products like the Crono armchair and Filicudi ottomans.

The “checkerboard” pattern of the Cestone sofa, made with woven strips of cowhide.

The strips are in two different widths that can either be closely woven, forming a compact surface; or more loosely woven, allowing the underlying upholstery fabric to show through. The result is a checkerboard pattern that provides a strong visual impact, contrasting beautifully with the Cestone sofa’s soft upholstered parts. It’s luxurious and lightweight, lending warmth and softness to your space — and you know the material is guaranteed certified origin and superior.

The stylish design is another example of Flexform’s “discreet elegance” philosophy: uncluttered shapes, never ostentatious, simple and refined down to the smallest detail. Never loud or aggressive.

The Cestone sofa comes in 13 different colours, four of them in suede. Pair it with its eponymous coffee tables.


BACKREST AND ARMREST with satined, chromed, burnished, champagne or black chromed metal and hide leather panels: russian red (5008), white (5007), olive (5006), black (5005), dark brown (5004), dark brown extra (5013), grey (5003), sand (5001), tobacco (5015). Also available in black suede (6005), dark brown suede (6004), olive suede (6003), sand suede (6001).
SEAT frame in metal and wood with polyurethane padding covered with protective fabric lining and metal joint elements.
BASE metal frame epoxy powder coated
BACKREST, ARMREST AND SEAT CUSHIONS filled with down and resilient inner core.
THROW PILLOWS down-filled on request with upcharge
UPHOLSTERY removable fabric or leather covers.
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