Tom Dixon Unveils New Green Marble Collection

Inspired by Indian Art

Definitely, Tom Dixon is the famous company or studio for making the craft on the rocks. This year the company rolls out nice greenish marvel made equipment for home furnishing.

According to the design, there are candle stands, dumbbells, a cookie tray for serving and also many other show-pieces for decorating the home in luxury ways. The rock is rare in colour! The colour is greenish, and it is well known as forest marvels. The designs are made perfect for the long-term love in marvel craft of this company.

According to the designer, he was motivated to see the rock structures and marvel craftworks in Agra and Rajasthan. The designs are totally unique and expensive for its handmade procedures. The surfaces are well furnished and also smooth through surface finishing.

Not to mention, the candle stands are heavy in weight, and also it has particular compression strength. The dumbbells are made of 10-30 kg for gymnasium purposes. Moreover, the designs are suitable for candlelight dinner tables and luxurious home equipment sets. It can be used through an era if those are handled with precautions.

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