A Refreshing Summer With Sekforde Botanical Mixers

Certainly, when you are feeling low, a good drink can boost you and your stamina. To treat us well, Sekforde Botanical Mixers have collaborated with ‘Heads + Tails’ Cocktail Bar to present us new low-abv Spritz menu with a refreshing touch. These drinks can be found at their brand-new open-air garden in West Hampstead.


With low in alcohol and sugar, these four Spritzes drinks are like experiencing the sunshine from the mountain head. No matter you are alone or with friends, no matter you are in your home or getting out, this drink will boose your morality to give you a pleasant touch. Let’s know about the drink aims.


Sekforde, Punt e Mes bitter vermouth, Italian Amaro, Italian Amaro, and Italian Amaro mixer.

CYN CYN: Sekforde, Artichoke liqueur, light vermouth, and fig spirit mixer.

DILL OF THE CENTURY: Sekforde, Vermouth de Chambery, elderflower, and Akvavit mixer.

LOST IN PARIS – Sekforde, Strawberry vermouth, and rhubarb mixer.

Indeed, you can drink the sekforde, especially for the summer at any and every location. This universal drink can be enjoyed at any time of the day, on any occasion. No matter you are enjoying beach day or having a private terrace party, or you are having ‘friends get together’, the sekforde will become mesmerizing and center of attraction.

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Written by Lisa Yarde


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