Outfitting Your Home With Smart Door Touchless Technology

Indeed, the present time and future automation are leading to home computerization. So, why not make your home doors become smart anyway! Today, we are offering a few cool smart doors with touchless technology.

Using the Autoslide, you can automatically open and close your doors. Any door that has a sliding mechanism can use this device. These doors can be managed using a remote or smartphone app using Wi-Fi connectivity. When you seek contactless door operation, this device will be great for you.

Wave to Open

For an absolutely touch-free operation, this MS08 “Wave to Open system” needs to be installed. The device is manufactured by BEA Sensors and seems promising. The smart system empowers users to, register a specific hand gesture to open and close the door. No smartphone apps are needed. You can register different “wave formats” for different actions too.

The SureFlap features a four-way locking device to ensure that only approved animal usage and includes a “Curfew” mode that allows owners to regulate the system to only open during a certain time period and hours. The SureFlap can also be programmed to read up to 32 different animals

The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door for Doors is available for $229.

This smart system goes with all types of doors. The users can also customize the gap needed for triggering the activation, from 4-24 inches. You don’t need any keys if you install this into your home!

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