Celebrity Bridal Designer Monique Lhuillier Just Launched A Gorgeous Pottery Barn Home Collection

Combine wedding glamour and softness and you have a rich and unique collection of tabletops, bedding bath, and décor. That is a total renewal of your interiors. This richly and classy collection is introduced by the celebrated designer, Monique Lhuillier. The famed bridal and ready-to-wear designer has introduced a tasteful collection in collaboration with Pottery Barn.

Now what’s in store – let’s see – with a palatial dream house, you can decorate luxury with the minimalist idea infused by Monique.

So imagine, the rich purple and vibrant yellow of tiger orchids create a mesmerizing and timeless effect –leaving a touch of sophistication and elegance in your own home. Collection of sophisticated crystal chandeliers, plush and luxurious pampering velvet quilts, the picks are quite a deal for the season. Feel the change.

No need to have a palatial dream home – you can elevate your interiors with the changing season. Now, what’s in store, let’s see it –

Silver Taper Candlesticks

The long and slim silver colored and neatly polished candlesticks will be your favorite on your anniversary. Carrying the regal looks, once you decorate your dining table, arrange candle lights everywhere and prepare a sumptuous dinner, these candlesticks will stand-out definitely.

Either place them on the Cornish or on your dining table, your dining experience will be artsy, classic and simply memorable.

Imported Faux Monique Lhuillier Tiger Orchid Bundle

Just imagine, sitting against the backdrop of velvet purple curtains, better if these curtains are of silk –set these silver taper candlesticks – you elevate the entire lounge and dining room with this small adjustment.

Faux Monique Lhuillier Tiger Orchid Bundle

Imagine your Cornish, place the candlesticks side by side and right in the middle, decorate and uplift the look with these exquisite and beautifully contrasting Tiger Orchid bundles. Being Faux flowers, you will never have to worry about these decaying. But instead, your outlook and interiors will wear a plush and fresh look every time. Gentle, yet very pleasing, natural and which fits the interiors. The interiors get an instant kick of freshness with these combinations of candlesticks, Tiger Orchid bundle set against the velvet purple curtains.

Morgan Crystal Lamp Base and Monique Lhuillier Kendell Tiger Orchid In Glass Pot

Now in one corner, flanking the cushions and sofa-set, place a roundtable with a clear crystal Lamp base which looks very dominating, very clean.

The moment you set your eyes on this lamp base, a feeling of cleanliness starts reflecting from it. The roundness, the perfection of the roundness, the clarity, the style, the love that has gone into making the crystal look so subtle and settled – all contribute to the beauty and simplicity of the crystal lamp base.

Add a white cover, place the Kendell Tiger Orchid in Glass pot beside it – the combination of clarity with the flowers interprets nature fused with mastery of art. To conclude the roundtable, add a set of pictures and small paintings – you have a gallery which will pick up attention. The designer class will reflect this part. Perfect the corner with this collection and you will never have to move or renew this place again.

Etched Crystal Glasses

Sophisticated and intricately designed mouth-blown lead-free crystal glasses add natural beauty to the tableware. The etching of botanical patterns reflects softness and calmness. The crystal glasses would surely leave a feeling of touching and feeling the etched mastery one cannot miss noticing. Small addition yet with so much attention to details – the crystal glasses are made in a way, with care, love, and creativity; the attention from surroundings get fixed with these finely and delicately designed crystal glasses for all occasions.

Holding and drinking from these glasses will make you look decent and by simply holding these glasses, you will be carrying a status symbol. A class which can be infused in a glass is the epitome of the designer’s creativity.

Grace Alabaster Rectangle Cheese Board

Now it’s time to focus on your kitchen. Who doesn’t love cheese? The softness, the supple texture, the silky smooth cheese flavor, which melts in your mouth, makes it a delicacy. The delicacy now gets a treatment of elegance. Try cutting cheese with a knife on an ordinary board. Then try cutting the cheese on Grace Alabaster Rectangle Cheese Board – the difference is of experience. Cutting cheese is an art. Unlike cutting a cake, cheese cutting is an art. The art is now perfected with these unique, rare, designer grade Grace Alabaster Rectangle Cheeseboard.

Once you set your knife on the cheese, the smoothness is very supplemented by the Alabaster stone, hand-finished and polished cutting board. The strength of the alabaster gives the cutting a neat result. Your cutting will not quiver or shake, which disturbs and distorts the cheese texture and pattern. Cheese cutting will be an experience. Be it the smoked cheese, the Danish or the freshly pressed domestic cheese. Experience cutting like cutting through the snow.

ISABELLA 16 Piece Dinner Set

Set with a floral pattern, dinner plates finished with scalloped rim, the white, purple and tiger orchid design patterns give a flawless touch to your dinner experience.

Set on the background of white – the timeless dinner set pieces, add that glimmer, upscale style to your dining experience. Featuring soup bowls, quarter plates, cups, regular plates – this is a perfect gift you can cherish with your family and treat your guests with utmost dignity.

Your guests and friends will love the appeal, a combination of the interiors with your collection of culinary sets. The richly looking culinary designer sets, the interiors , and the accessories when combined for this season – bring out the novelty in your home. The best feeling is when you’re settled and perfected with every corner and angle. That’s the style of the queen of the house. Touched with the trendier violets, orchid yellows and mild greens – the theme is quite subtle, soft and runs very gently.

The very aura of these plates gives a feeling of settling in a comfy corner; the theme suggests getting closer and cozier with friends and family. Truly the sense of closeness is infused into the culinary collection.


Have a dining area with a counter and decorate the center of the counter with these smoked crystals which look like the armor of the knight. Decorated with differing sizes, the arrangement is a sophisticated style which enhances the outlook of your dining counter, making it quite impressive and noticeable instantly.

Set up a mirror on the wall and you will have enhanced its glittering and shining effect, making your dining experience brighter, lovable and quite attentive. The dullness will be done while beauty and awestruck creativity is added to your décor. Designed with octagonal and raindrops styled crystals, your interiors will look charming yet novel with the designer style

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