Clean, Clear Smart Water Filters for Your Home

Enjoy healthy hydration with these high-tech devices

Being your best self means maintaining the proper level of hydration—but even if you are getting your eight glasses of aqua a day, how do you know that the water you’re putting in your body is at its optimal level?

Fortunately, you can forgo the inscrutable guesswork of water filtration by handing the responsibility off to smart devices built specifically for that purpose.

Below are our picks for high-tech water filters that will keep your water cleaned—and let you know it.

GE Smart Whole House Water Filtration System


Want every faucet in your house to pour forth pure, clean water? GE can help with its Smart Whole House Water Filtration System. This simple to set up system attaches directly to your home’s water supply, clearing any water entering your plumbing of contaminants or impurities, and it has Wi-Fi built-in, meaning users can monitor water usage, receive leak or filter change notifications, and even shut off their home’s water, directly from the accompanying GE app.

The GE Smart Whole House Water Filtration System is available for $228.99.







PUR PLUS Faucet Filtration System with Bluetooth


If you only need filtration at a single point in your home, then the PUR PLUS Faucet Filtration System with Bluetooth is a solid (or rather, liquid) solution. The device, which features a mineral core filter, attaches directly to the faucet mouth and purifies your water of over 70 contaminants, including lead, as it comes out the tap. The PUR PLUS also comes equipped with Bluetooth, enabling users to monitor filer status and automatically order replacements, as well as track their daily water intake to ensure that they are getting the proper level of hydration.

PUR PLUS Faucet Filtration System with Bluetooth is available for $47.99.

The LARQ Pitcher PureVis with Advanced Filter


A portable filtration option comes in the form of the LARQ Pitcher PureVis with Advanced Filter. This eight-cup, intelligent water pitcher comes with a two-stage filtration process.First, a plant-based filter removes lead, chlorine, mercury, cadmium, VOCs, PFAS / PFOA, HAA5, pharmaceuticals and more, and then the LARQ PureVis Wand gives your water an extra filtration boost. The Wand strips the liquid of any bio-contaminant growth via a little zap of UV light. Better still, the Wand uses smart sensors to track filter use and flow rate, allowing Pitcher users to keep tabs on their consumption, via the LARQ app, and receive a precise reading of when they need a filter replacement.

The LARQ Pitcher PureVis with Advanced Filter is available for $135.







Bevi 2.0


Just because water is filtered, it doesn’t have to be flavorless. That’s the philosophy behind the Bevi 2.0 from Quench. This standalone unit, which can serve all your home hydration needs, comes with a touch screen on which users can order cold, ambient or hot filtered water, as well as light or full sparkling water, each of which is immediately dispensed. But the options don’t stop there, Bevi 2.0 owners can also choose from over 12 flavor combinations for their contaminant-free drink, as well as other enhancements like unsweetened, zero-calorie or caffeine-added.

Pricing quotes for the Bevi 2.0 are available at

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