Smart Security Cameras for Your Property

It is an impossible task to keep an eye on your home at all times—or at least it was, until smart-home developers stepped in.

Today’s home security cameras are Wi-Fi-equipped wonders that will let you watch your property—in real time—from anywhere in the world from your computer, tablet or phone.

So whether you need a little extra peace of mind—or just want to further indulge your paranoid delusions—the cameras below are ideal, intelligent solutions for keeping an extra eye on your estate.

Ring Video Doorbell


The bane of porch pirates everywhere, the Ring Video Doorbell replaces your conventional doorbell setup with a motion-activated, live-streaming video camera, sleekly presented in a doorbell-sized package. When your Ring detects activity on your doorstep, the Wi-Fi-equipped doorbell starts streaming and sends a real-time notification to any devices (phone, tablet, PC) that you have enabled, to alert you to what’s going on at your front door. What’s more, Ring owners can communicate through the device (speak and listen), allowing them to tell the pizza delivery person that they’ll be there in just a minute, or yell at whoever is trying to abscond with their Amazon packages.

The Ring Video Doorbell is available for $64 to $349, depending on features.





Google Nest


Google Nest (Indoor, Wired)

Google Nest

If your surveillance needs are in the interior of your home, then you likely won’t do better than the Google Nest Indoor, Wired Camera. Offering 1080p HDR live-streaming video, 24/7, that clearly captures images even in low light, the Nest is top-tier when it comes to indoor cameras. This petite private eye is packed with useful features, too, including the ability to distinguish between person, animal and vehicle, allowing users to only receive alerts for the triggers that matter for them. Nest owners can also communicate through the device, via their phone, tablet or PC, and go back in time (up to three hours) to see what happened before an event occurred. Best of all, the Nest comes in four distinct styles, allowing you to match your camera to your interior design (or your personality).

The Google Nest (Indoor, Wired) is available for $99.

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight


Looking to capture more than just your doorstep? The Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight is here to help. As you might have guessed, this outdoor smart cam comes with a floodlight built-in (it actually flanks either side of the camera), meaning, regardless of time of day or weather, the Arlo will clearly record whatever is in its view. The wireless, but Wi-Fi-connected, Pro 3 will flood its light and send users alerts, on their devices of choice, whenever motion is detected, providing live 2K video and audio at a moment’s notice, regardless of where you happen to be in the world. The superior outdoor surveillance system also works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you easy control and the ability to pair with other intelligent in-home devices.

The Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight is available for $229.







Mini Gadgets USB Power Adapter Covert Wi-Fi Camera


In need of a clandestine surveillance solution? Check out the Mini Gadgets USB Power Adapter Covert Wi-Fi Camera. This functioning, wall plug-in USB charger comes equipped with a hidden camera that streams 1920 x 1080 resolution video in a 90-degree field of view, allowing users to covertly capture what is going on in a location—while also charging a phone or tablet. In addition to storing all recorded photos or videos on a 32 GB microSD card, owners can use Wi-Fi to remotely view and record on the camera, via an accompanying app.

The Mini Gadgets USB Power Adapter Covert Wi-Fi Camera is available for $69.

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