High-Tech Delivery Boxes To Receive and Protect Your Packages Remotely

Consequently, everyone nowadays loves to shop online. But the problem we all face when the product delivers and remains unattended. Silly thieves always steal the delivery boxes if they get even a tiny chance. But thanks to the CES 2020, we now have a smart solution that will act as a contraceptive layer for the delivery box pirates!


Danby Parcel Guard:


Danby Parcel Guard is a wifi operated delivery box that allows users to accept parcel deliveries remotely and secure them in a second. This closet is equipped with an HD live camera, audio recorder, motion sensor, tamper alarm, weight monitor, etc. Using the app you can securely unlock the Smart Mailbox no matter where you are. The Danby Parcel Guard is priced at $399 only.


Porch Pod 2.0:

It is a tamper-resistant container and weatherproof smart container with nextgen facilities. The Porch Pod 2.0 is a size 30″x18″x20” in dimension. Using a complex algorithm, the Porch Pod 2.0 can identify any legitimate delivery and unlock itself for the product. Surely, you can monitor and operate via your smartphone without annoying a bit. For $279, you can buy Porch Pod 2.0 and remain less worried.


Yale Smart Delivery Box:

Its a smart strong metallic delivery box that can be operated anywhere from the world using the registered smartphone. It has a built-in camera for ensuring delivery. Via the Yale Access app, the owner will get notified about any delivery. It has multiple upgrades based on the price for the product being $229 to $299.



It’s a compact padlock with an inbuilt scanner, which allows the delivery man to get scanned the delivery barcode. If the delivery is legitimate, the lock opens, else it remains closed. The lock can be programmed for multiple deliveries and multiple date-specific deliveries. All activities can be tracked to the smart app. This smart padlock costs only $149, so don’t think twice about buying one now!

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