Interior Designer Patrick Mele Curates Sale For Chairish

Unarguably, Patrick Mele stands among the top 5 interior designers, who have the rare capabilities of blending antique items with unorthodox daily life pieces. Each and every piece of the exclusive collections of Patrick Mele’s shop in Greenwich, Connecticut, defines this unique genre.

Brimfield Antique Flea Market is probably the most favourite place of Patrick, where he regularly visits and collects the best ones of his collection. In Cue Cherish, a special exhibition cum sale is being organized featuring the best 25 pieces, selected by Patrick Mele himself along with a collection of 120 additional items having exotic design and architecture.

Firstly, the Danish Oak Leather Bench of the 1960s comes up. Brown glossy leather straps on the top, make this antique piece eye-catching and comfortable simultaneously. According to Patrick, this bench is the best fit for the kitchen or study room. Amethyst with Vanilla Swirl Glasses is something worthy of watching. One can serve a mocktail of blackberry and blueberries with a topping of whipped cream on it, as a royal dessert.

Next comes the colouring book of Andy Warhol, the famous French fashion designer. Each and every piece of art of this book bears the feel of the 1950s era and the creativity of Andy. Besides these, there are so many items as well which are best in their class and genre.

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