Sip On The World’s Most Expensive Coffee For $75 A Cup

Significantly, when it’s about coffee, the cup and the drinker always waits for something better. With this in mind, the ‘Klatch Coffee Roasters’ from the Bay Area in San Francisco is presenting the world’s best coffee that touches $75 a cup. That entitled them as the world’s most expensive coffee seller, after the Dubai part. It’s the only place in the USA, who even thinks of trying this. Additionally, they also sell ‘Elida Geisha 803’, a premium class coffee that costs $803 for only one pound in wholesale; after the roasting process, the price even increased and became approximately $1200 for one pound.

These super fine coffees originated from Panama and have superior quality than other coffees. As per the audience, who experienced this marvelous coffee- if there is an Oscar, Nobel or Pulitzer for coffees, this coffee should win them all. Certainly, the coffee beans named Geisha 803 are purely organic and cultivated and gathered from a single source from Panama. From there, it came to rock the world in the coffee shop.

The Geisha 803 is harvested from 1670 to 1820 meters above sea-level, which gives the unique characteristics of this coffee. You need to be an expert to cultivate, harvest and bake this coffee. Approximately 406 hours of tanning is needed to be qualified for this job according to the source. Everybody is extra concerned about this delicious coffee.

Lastly, it’s clear that you need lots of money to enjoy one cup of coffee for $75, prepared from the Geisha 803. So the seller at the coffee shops offers other good varieties of the coffee ranging from $4 to $12, which can be affordable by anyone. But if you are in ‘Klatch Coffee Roasters’ from the Bay Area in San Francisco you don’t want to miss the chance of testing this priceless coffee, ever!

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