Smart Closets to Make Your Wardrobe Dreams a Reality

Gadgets for your garments that will make your storage space more organized and even a little fun

If you were coming of age in the mid ’90s, or are simply a pop culture maven, then you should be familiar with the movie “Clueless,” starring Alicia Silverstone. The main character’s closet was like a second coming for 20-somethings. The rotating racks and virtual catalogue of its contents, which mixed and matched clothing via computer generation (mind blowing for the time), meant that you never had to experience wardrobe angst or try anything on again. It was a fashionista’s dream and signified what was to come in the future of closets.

But alas, some 30 years later, most of us still rely on the standard hanging rod and shelving system. And maybe that’s because we don’t know exactly what’s out there. Here is a roundup of exactly what intelligent closet systems and accessories are available to fulfill your closet dreams

The Closet Carousel


Meet the actual closet that was featured in “Clueless.” Thanks to a motorized system that’s operated by a foot pedal, you can put your clothing on instant rotation (a la dry cleaner style), so nothing gets lost in a back corner. The Closet Carousel comes with an easily adjustable single or double tier hanging track, accessories for hanging handbags, as well as specially designed shoe racks. The beauty of this system aside from the motor is that it maximizes the space so you can fit double the clothing yet never forget about a single item.

The Closet Carousel starts at $3,450

Shoe Select


This automated shoe storage system is like the definition of step and repeat for your closet. The system is essentially a shelving unit that’s motorized so you can always reach those kicks on the highest shelf and never forget about the pairs relegated to floor level. The ShoeSelect rotates and revolves all shelves to a reachable and viewable level. And, better yet, it doubles your shoe storage capabilities (it has two columns of shoe shelves, one behind the other) so you don’t have to curb your shoe-buying habit or sacrifice a pair for the greater good (unless you want to, of course.)

Pricing for Shoe Select is on request.

Samsung AirDresser


There’s nothing more frustrating than going to put on a favorite outfit, only to realize it’s full of wrinkles—and there’s no time to have it pressed. Fear not. The Samsung AirDresser is exactly what you need to air out the kinks—literally. This freestanding wardrobe-like device can hold three items and steams them, removes dust and eliminates odors so your rumpled items look, feel and smell like new when you put them on. All you need to do is plug it into an outlet and refill the water reservoir when it gets low. And it works over Wi-Fi via an app, so you can remotely start and pause it, receive notifications and get cycle recommendations at the swipe of a finger.The Samsung AirDresser is available for $999.

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