Tune in, Outside: A Guide to Connected, Outdoor Speakers

You don’t have to sacrifice quality and convenience for your backyard sound setup

Summer isn’t fully in swing without music, so if you’re looking to enjoy some tunes in the sunny weather—and want them played off something a bit stronger than your smartphone—we’ve got you covered.

Here are some solid outdoor speakers, with convenient smart features, that will have you enjoying audio all season long

Sonos Move


Pool, porch, patio? No problem. The Sonos Move is an endlessly portable smart speaker from one of the leading names in high-quality audio. But its portability is just the start of the Move’s appeal. This indoor/outdoor speaker is weather (and drop-) resistant and Wi-Fi-enabled, allowing users to stream their favorite songs, podcasts, radio stations and more from a tap on an app or with voice control. And should you wander beyond your home’s Wi-Fi range—no worries. The Move will automatically pair with your phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to keep streaming the sounds of summer.

The Sonos Move is available for $399.





Bose S1 Pro System


Who says the chef is the most important person at the barbecue? Show up with the Bose S1 Pro System and there will be no doubt who is the life of the party. The lovechild of a Bluetooth speaker and a PA system, S1 Pro is a lightweight but substantial sound system that delivers robust audio, streamed directly from your phone, tablet or laptop. In addition to offering a simple way to play your music wirelessly, the S1 Pro can also be connected to a microphone or musical instruments, for any party-based announcements or impromptu jam sessions. The S1 Pro also pairs easily with any other compatible Bluetooth Bose speaker, via Party Mode, allowing users to fuller, more expansive sound for their outdoor hang.

The Bose S1 Pro System is available for $599.

Innovative Technology Rock Speakers

Innovative Technology

Looking for a discreet way to bring sound to your outdoor setting? Look (closely) at Innovative Technology’s Rock Speakers. These camouflaged speakers will fit seamlessly into your landscape, and thanks to their Bluetooth capability, you’ll be able to stream songs seamlessly to them. In addition to being waterproof, the Rock Speakers are wireless, adding to their convenience and maneuverability, and operate off a rechargeable battery that provides 10 hours of consistent play time.

The Innovative Technology Rock Speakers is available for $139.


Innovative Technology



Sonance MAG Series 6.1 Outdoor Streaming Sound System


For an entire outdoor soundscape, outfit your yard with the Sonance MAG Series 6.1 Outdoor Streaming Sound System. The all-weather sound system consists of six satellite speakers and an in-ground subwoofer, allowing owners to create a rich audio landscape for their outdoor space. But the Sonance system isn’t just expansive and weatherproof—it’s bright, too. The entire system is operated by a Sonos controller, enabling users to easily stream their music and more from their smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC, via the free Sonos app and their home Wi-Fi network. Sonance owners can also use the system’s Sonos connection to pair their outdoor and indoor speakers (provided they are also Sonos-compatible) to create a consistent musical experience across the entire estate.

The Sonance MAG Series 6.1 Outdoor Streaming Sound System is available for $2,499.

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