The Fizz Company Adds A Contemporary Twist In Small Producer And ‘Grower’ Champagnes

The Fizz Company is an expert online sparkling wine and champagne retailer. They were voted one the finest 10 online wine stores previous year by the Independent and their Sparkling wines and champagnes have won several awards.

The company is family owned, with modest starting as a just hobby business. It is owned by Tony Stones, a champagne expert as well as a judge at the IWC (International Wine Challenge).

Janisson Champagne House

Growing enigmatically from the Montagne de Reims in the Grand Cru town of Verzenay, Manuel Janisson’s up to date winery adds a contemporary twist to the conventional art of champagne creation. From the tasting room patio, visitors can admire one more mixture of old and new views of antique Reims and the TGVs hurtling via the valley.

With this gem, set between a windmill as well as a lighthouse, Manuel and his wine creator Cyril Tanazacq produce a few of the freshest, and most correctly assembled grand Cru champagne in France. Manuel, whose grandfathers were both champagne manufacturers, gracefully combines the most excellent traditions of champagne making with revolutionary technology, describing his wine creation as a combination of passion and patience.

Janisson Blanc de Noirs Grand Cru Champagne

This amazing champagne is made with 100 percent Grand Cru Pinot Noir grapes from the renowned Montagne de Reims, an area well-known for the excellence of grapes grown there.

This champagne has divine flavors of red fruits, apricots, ripe and buttery pastry; freshened by small hints of citrus. The balance among acidity and complete bodied richness in this champagne are sublime.

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