Tom Raffield Launches Exclusive Noctis Lighting Range

Expressing the acceptance of modern interior decoration trends by using darker tones and masculinity, Tom Raffield’s Noctis creation range shows confidence with exhaustive silhouettes. The brand-new collection of light presents seven ebonized versions of Tom Raffield’s most representative approach to lighting designs that will provide a bold, darker shade in your home’s interiors.

Uniquely, the product list includes a customizable multi-pendant chandelier called the new Noctis Urchin Cluster, where every light shade will be suspended at a different height to create a show-stopping environment for that room. Considerably, that is reinvented and rethought from Tom Raffield’s first ever design: the ebonized No. 1 Giant Pendant.

Noctis Urchin Small Cluster

Firstly, there are 3 ebonized Noctis Urchin Pendants down rushed from the sleek. The spun metal top plate will create a warm slithers of shiny light in the dark. An elegant, most amiable design that will encourage personalization for each room differently!

Noctis Kern Pendant

Secondly, it’s a piece that demands precision, strength, and craftsmanship to achieve its smooth outline. The result is a modern powerful architectural specimen for you. It has 5 bulbs to its ebonized oak body; the Kern makes your space memorable for anyone.

Noctis No.1 Giant Pendant

Moreover, this Pendant is also handcrafted into the most intricate of sculptural spheres. The Noctis No.1 Giant Pendant offers an architectural design that balances timeless decency and ebonized, in its every turn & twist.

Noctis Giant Flock Chandelier

Additionally, it’s produced by steam bending curlicues of ebonized tulip wood & twists of the opulent, golden brass circle together. Lighted by 3 warm-toned filament bulbs, each intricate piece is in rapid motion. The floatable rotation offers an exhibition of illusive attraction for it.

Noctis Wheal Range

Furthermore, the charming contrast of lustrous & deep black in the polished metal body, it offers a modern and refined look. The Noctis Wheal Range puts the lustre back in lighting and brings elegance into any room.

Significantly, the ever-wanted Noctis Range launched in October & is available to purchase from the Tom Raffield online store.

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