Seven20 Marvel Thor Mjolnir Pounds The Toughest Cuts Of Meat

Certainly, Thor’s hammer is well known as the symbol of powerful equipment from the mythological character to Marvel’s creation. It seems like the Son of Odin is handling this. Ordinarily, it is used as a weapon, but in a realistic world, a company has rolled out a tenderizer hammer that is used to tenderize frozen meat like steak, pork, beef, and mutton. Ordinarily, frozen meat is harder to cut into shape. It needs some indention for cooking like frying and boiling for passing air into it.

The company has designed this tenderizer as the Thor’s Hammer for gifting or cheering a Marvel fan. It is available in E-commerce like Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart, and also in GameStop. It must be remembered that it is a limited edition of kitchen equipment. It is not always sold on those shopping sites.

Lastly, as per the comics, it is totally made of stainless steel for high durability and longevity. The handle of the hammer is made of steel but it has a wooden layer rounded for easy and safe hold. It is available in the market for only 100 dollars. Moreover, the steel made hammer is used as a toolbox of screwdrivers with sets of nuts, bolts, and also washer. Not only have these, but also are various sockets, wrenches, folded knives, and also slots. So naturally the 5 lbs weighted hammer is ideal for not only the kitchen but also for repairing any home appliances as the primary mechanic.

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