This $4000 LG Projector Can Work 90-Inch Screen From 2 Inches Wall Clearance

Eventually, technology is changing rapidly & it helps to make our Life Good. Likewise, LG Electronics has recently announced the 2nd-gen model of its innovative CineBeam 4K short-throw projector. The device itself will be unveiled at CES 2019. At CES 2018, 1st UST or “ultra-short throw” laser projector was introduced. It was capable of producing approximately a 150-inch display at 4K resolution in the wall or any proper projection plate. It costs about $3000 & was constructed like a ‘mini-tower’ which can be set on the floor to protect the content on the wall.

Markedly, the 2nd-gen version has much more practical design than the older version. Basically, it looks like a smart speaker which can be left under the wall on a cabinet setup. The true goal of the laser projector is- it can be positioned nearest to the wall, but it did not affect the image projection quality. As stated by the LG electronics, the 2nd generation model is able to project a 90-inch display with a 4K-resolution with just 2 inches of clearance from the wall. It is a challenging space issue LG solved, that is practically applicable to the tiny houses.

Furthermore, another splendid aspect is- if the projector is placed 7 inch away from the wall, then the display size increases, and results in a giant 120-inches screen. However, most of the original specifications are yet to be announced, but LG has made a great promise that just makes the device more astonishing. The projector will illuminate up to 2,500 ANSI lumen brightness & keep the true 4K UHD resolution.

Meanwhile, for connectivity, it has Ethernet, USB, & HDMI ports. It will also support LG’s “ThinQ AI” for voice assistant commands, just like the brand’s other smart TVs. The release date or price for this projector is not announced yet, but it’s expected to be made a public appearance at CES 2019 which starts in a few weeks. After that, one can buy this ultra short throw laser projector for personal use conveniently!

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