This Sleek $1500 Stroller Is Designed To Take Baby Scrolls At Night

Morning strolls for toddlers are remarkable, but if you are a night owl wanting your small ones gaze-up at twinkling galaxies and stars (just like you do in your time), here is what you need to purchase!

Presenting the incredible lush, built-in for the exceptionally dark BUGABOO Fox Stellar complete Stroller that much like its mid name is created for strolling as well as rolling in the dark!

BUGABOO has been the go-to name for toddler buggies, for all those who can afford it of course! The Company’s latest product has taken it up a notch with a unique design that features a wheel caps, reflective chassis, and Zippers, all showcasing the amazing reflective tech for better visibility. This means that your toddler and you’re danger free even in midnight strolls!

The Buggy more features a covered, weatherproof below seat basket and top performance rain cover with reflective strips for beating erratic weather blues at best.

One more, one of the BUGABOO Fox’s valuable features is a reversible seat that can face either side, meaning super agility for your small one. The exclusive stroller can fold in a single go and it is very sturdy enough for entire terrains, thanks to its effective suspension tech.

Unique eye-catching blue materials with a steel blue lining, a super black chassis, amazing rugged black wheels, and exceptional grey fox leather grips – that and more is what your Stroller entails 1449 USD Plus Taxes!

What You Get:

Bassinet hardware, seat frame and accompanying hardware, under-seat basket, the Base box including the chassis, wheels, rain cover and carry handle.

Bassinet tailored textile set including apron and the bassinet material:

  • Sun canopy
  • Seat fabric
  • Wheel caps set
  • Two handlebar grips and One carry handle grip

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