A Gin Connoisseur? Try It In One Of This Botanist Gin Glass

As gin carries on to fly off the shelves, balloon theme gin glasses are in trend now and becoming a growingly famous technique to service this super versatile drink.

Botanist gins glasses are an incredible choice, providing a traditional, huge bowl which allows the flavors as well as aromas of your garnish to come to the front. Created from the soda lime glass, these Botanist gins glasses feature a stunning blown bubble effect at the bottom of the bowl, creating the perfect if you wish to add a little variety and creativity to your glassware range. Alliance online is one of the best Ireland and UK’s catering and kitchen appliances suppliers for the organization in the public sector and hospitality field.

With a huge network of branches across the UK, the firm supplies a massive line of commercial catering goods, catering disposables as well as catering suppliers from the very top companies, including Lin cat, Falcon, Huhtamaki and Churchill to name but a few one.

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Not just that, the firm also has a dedicated fleet of cars that deliver to over 2k businesses around the UK every single day. As Gin carries on to fly off the Shelves, Balloon theme gin glasses are in trend and becoming a growingly famous technique to serve this such a special drink.

Some basic Information about Botanist Gin Glass:

  • Diameter: 78 mm
  • Height: 208 mm
  • Volume: 560 ml
  • Pack Weight: 1.7 kg
  • Price: £29.70 (inc VAT) for six glasses

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