Bathroom Rugs That Will Instantly Transform Bathroom Oasis of Your Dreams

Interior of the modern bathroom 3D rendering

If you’re hoping to transform your bathroom into a modern oasis (don’t forget your bath pillow and bath tray), the finishing touch of a bath mat is a simple way to make your design dream one step closer. Plus, if it’s been a while since you’ve checked the condition of your tried (but not-so-chic) mat, it’s officially time to shop for a new one.

Your bath mat is more than a soft, absorbent rug to step on when you get out of the shower. It’s also a key piece in the design of your bathroom, keeps your floors spotless, and prevents slipping. Thanks to our high-quality picks, you’ll have a durable and refreshing centerpiece that’ll bring a luxe feel to your place. Choose anything from soft cotton bath rugs to a high-performance bath stone that quickly absorbs water and prevents mildew.

Keep scrolling for the best bathroom rugs that take design and functionality into account. This simple purchase will make all the difference and you’ll feel relaxed like never before. Of course, there’s something on our list for every style and price point. Spa day, here you come!


Healdsburg Bath Rug

Serena and Lily

If you love minimalism with a hint of bohemian flair, go for a hand-knit bath mat made of fine Turkish cotton that features tassels for a little extra texture.

Materials: 100% long-staple Turkish cotton

Care: Machine wash gentle, tumble dry low.

Trippy Mushroom Bath Mat

Urban Outfitters

Sunset Bath Rug


Parachute Home


Chenille Bathroom Rug

Gorilla Grip

Now 12% off
Riviera Bath Mat




Rain Bath Stone


Brooklinen Bath Mat

Lateral Natural Teak Bath Runner


Blue Bathroom Rug


Now 15% off


Wide Stripe Bath Mat



The best bath mat for your home is stylish and functional, allowing you to spread personality into your bathroom. It is essential to take note of the size of your bathmat before purchasing. If it takes up too much space, you won’t have room for another mat in front of your sink or toilet. Search for bath rugs that have a lining, grip, or overall backing to ensure your safety.

Material: Depending on the overall feel you want after stepping out of the shower will determine what fabric to choose. Chenille, cotton, microfiber, and memory foam are the most popular materials to use.

  • Chenille: soft to touch, plush
  • Cotton: absorbent and machine washable
  • Microfiber: performance fabric, dries quickly
  • Memory foam: cozy, supports feet, usually features backing

You can even select diatomaceous earth (fast-drying stone) as a bath mat to prevent fungi and mildew if you do not like fluffy bath rugs. Or a wood bath mat with slats to dry quickly and add another layer of style to your bathroom.

Care: Be sure to read the maintenance instructions before purchasing a bathmat. Some are machine washable, and others have to be air dried. You can lose the structure over the bath mat or even tangle the fabric due to a harsh wash cycle. The instructions will ensure that your rug does not shed, fray, or break apart after using it in the washer and drying machine.

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