Best Accent Colors For Gray

Gray is a classic neutral color that many homeowners and interior designers choose as the visual foundation of a space. It pairs well with just about any accent color, making it a tried-and-true choice.

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Gray’s versatility makes it hard to beat when it comes to coordinating accent colors into the decorative scheme. When there are gray elements in a room, you can’t go wrong with choosing just about any color as an accent. Depending on the accent color you choose, gray serves as the perfect canvas to build upon to create the desired mood and aesthetic.

However, choosing the right accent color to pair with your gray decor is easier said than done. Sure, there are numerous possibilities since gray will look great with any color, but that can make the decision-making process daunting.

What’s more, since gray tends to visually recede into the background, any accent color will fall on the bolder side of the spectrum. Depending on your tastes and overall style, you might be hesitant about going in a bolder direction.v

But don’t worry, because we created a list of the 11 best accent colors for gray to help you achieve the best aesthetic possible. With a little guidance from these beautiful spaces, you’ll be well on your way to creating a visual masterpiece in your home. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Gray sofa and wooden minimalist designed divider inside a white living room, 11 Best Accent Colors For Gray

1. White

When in doubt, incorporate white pieces into your gray decorative scheme. Though the two colors aren’t drastically different, white provides just enough contrast to appreciate the subtle nuances of each color.

A gray sectional sofa inside a white minimalist inspired living room with a gray accent wall

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This room features a dominant gray wall and a gray sofa that are paired with a white wall and a few other small decorative elements. It’s apparent that this color combination makes for a sleek, modern aesthetic that isn’t too bold.

Depending on how dark the shades of gray are in your room, white can balance out the aesthetic by making it a bit lighter.

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2. Light Pink

Gray and pink themed living room with gray and pink furniture's

If you’re not afraid of making a bold visual statement, consider incorporating pink as an accent color in your gray decorative scheme.

This living room boasts a dainty combination of light gray and light pink. In itself, this shade of gray is a soft, distant color. But the addition of light pink yields an aesthetic that features the perfect balance between stoic and bold. Feel free to try out more vibrant shades of pink, too.

3. Light Brown

A gray sofa with a patterned throw pillow with and a round rug up front

If you want to turn your gray space into one featuring a boho aesthetic, consider using light brown decorative pieces as accents. In this room, the area rug, ottoman, and end table are light brown in color, and they contrast nicely with the gray decor, especially against the gray flooring.

It’s worth noting that the wicker/jute texture of these elements is largely responsible for creating the boho vibe. Texture is a valuable element in interior design, as evidenced in the room above.

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4. Yellow

A gray sofa with yellow throw pillows and a white dangling lamps

If you really want your gray space to make a powerful visual statement, yellow is the accent color for you. This living room certainly makes a profound visual impact thanks to the addition of bright yellow accents.

Gray is a cool neutral, so the vibrance of bright yellow adds a substantial amount of contrast and lively decorative expression. This color combination is certainly uncommon, so should you decide to go this route, your space will be quite unique.

5. Green

Gray and green color themed living room

Consider using vibrant green in your gray space to bring a natural element into your space. This living space features an assortment of green accents, from the throw pillows to the impressive collection of houseplants. Anyone who walks into this room is sure to feel like they just got a breath of fresh air.

We’ve already established that gray is a versatile neutral, but this room demonstrates just how much green can pop when the right shades are set against a light gray background.

6. Shades Of Orange

Bright multi colored inspired living room

Since gray is a soft, cooler neutral, a great way to create visual balance in a room with gray decor is with an array of warm shades of orange.

The wood tones surrounding the sofa direct the eye to the couch, which serves as the focal point of this space. The throw pillows and throw blanket on the sofa run the gamut of orange shades. The end result is a space that looks and feels warm and inviting.

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7. Deep Red

A red headboard for a dark gray bed inside a white bedroom

If you want to give your gray space a romantic, luxurious feel, consider going with red as an accent color. This bedroom features a combination of dark gray sheets and a deep red bed, and the result is stunning.

The red foliage on the bedside table complements the color of the bed, too. Golden light fixtures flank each side of the bed, adding to the luxurious ambiance of the room.

8. Black

Modern inspired living room with brown patterned flooring and gray painted walls

If color isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Pairing gray with black is a timeless choice. Black is a very chic accent color for gray and creates a beautiful almost-monochromatic color scheme in this space.

The black side tables and art pops against the light gray surroundings. The varying shades of gray and black provide plenty of visual interest. Subtle hints of green from the plants add the right touch of color to the space without disrupting the aesthetic.

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9. Purple

White living room with laminated flooring and a gray sofa with purple throw pillow

If you need a great accent color for gray, look no further than using purple. Your eye will be immediately drawn to this vibrant hue. You can use a piece as small as an accent pillow, as seen in this photo, or incorporate even more purple elements amidst your gray pieces.

If you love purple but aren’t sure about using such a vibrant shade of it, then consider using lavender pieces. You’ll still get the gorgeous gray and purple color pairing but without drawing too much attention to the color combination.

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10. Wood Tones

Gray sofa and a wooden divider on the side inside a white living room with plants

You can’t go wrong with the natural aesthetic of wood tones and gray. We’ve seen examples featuring some minor wood accent pieces, but this room demonstrates the visual impact of wood-toned pieces paired with gray with no other distractions.

Though this arrangement seems simple enough, it’s apparent that quite a bit of planning went into it. The legs of the sofa perfectly match the surrounding wood-toned elements for unmatched balance.

11. Blue

Gray sofas and chairs with blue foam and throw

The pairing of blue and gray exudes luxury. This living room features a simplistic color combination that doesn’t lack luxurious vibes and aesthetic appeal. Set against the soft gray sofa and wall, the deep blue throw pillow, throw blanket, and lounge chair really stand out.

If you’re looking for a simple approach to dressing up your gray decor, consider mimicking this look. It’s amazing how just a few colorful pieces can really elevate your room’s aesthetic.

In Closing

Gray sofa and wooden minimalist designed divider inside a white living room

We hope this guide has inspired you to make the most of your gray decor by pairing it with one of these wonderful accent colors. Gray is an easy neutral color that pairs with just about anything, so you really can’t go wrong. Good luck, and be sure to drop us a comment letting us know which color pairing is your favorite!

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