Fetish Foods’ Inspired Pantone Colors That Will Be Trending in 2019

Pantone as forever is here to inspire. When it comes to colouring your globe, there is no location you would want to be but the Pantone Colour institute. That is why you will love the 2019 Pantone Colour palette – inspired by food and the eccentric ways that they bring us excitement. So, combining this is going to be a blast.

You might guess a return of the classics. Inspired by fetish foods such as red peppers, chocolates with some cappuccino tones in the mix, this will be the right setting for your house decoration next year.

The 2 colour palettes represented are the polar opposites. Specifically picked for interior design and housewares, the colour spectrum is big and this is plus since you have lots to pick from.

Highlighted as “Classico” and “Cravings” there are all the important tones to an on-point house decoration. While “Craving” calls for lovely flamingo orange, spicy reds and rich purples – think red peppers,” fetish items” are the ones to be on the lookout for.

While this might seem amazing to the lovers of a blast of shades, the classico colour palette seems to be the one for the lovers of minimalism. Think shades of caramel with caviar blacks, deep teals, and burgundy reds. Hmm, tasty end and perfect don’t you believe?

Just as the title implies, the hues of classic are basic, fundamental, and everything, while at the same time, forever and elegant fashionable. This is the palette where a stylish swan white and camel coloured tan co-exist effortlessly with deep teal, burgundy red, chic grey flannel, and caviar black.

Apricot brandy and rich gold provide an amazing element to a colour language spoken globally, across product categories and all through all levels of the marketplace.

What do you think?

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