Windows Manufactured To Be Typhoon-Safe and Aesthetically Sound

Bespoke Windows by JS Aluminium

Global warming has brought along with it extreme subtropical storms and weather. Typhoons, infamous for sending Hong Kongers running to board and tape up their windows, have increased in both frequency and intensity and the need for a high-quality windows system has never been so high.

Window and façade solutions company JS Aluminium Window carries a range of bespoke window systems that are weather-proof, innovative and aesthetically sound: boasting a wide range of European proprietary systems from the continent’s best brands.

window system, Secco Sistemi
Galvanised steel window and door system by Secco Sistemi
The company is the official Hong Kong distributor and exclusive carrier of Belgian-based Aliplast Aluminium Systems (one of the market leaders in aluminium systems), Astec (an Italian prestige brand specialising in bronze material), Solarlux (a German specialist in bi-folding doors, whose latest streamline sliding system Cero brings to life an impressive sleek corner solution) and Italian Secco Sistemi (that produce sustainable integrated systems in eco-friendly materials like stainless steel, galvanised steel, and brass).

Glass Façade, Cero, Solarlux
Aluminium window and door system by Cero by Solarlux
Proprietary windows promise to be the safest, most durable, and best-designed system with accurate structure calculation.

JS Aluminium Window’s easily customised and pre-tested European proprietary system windows come thoughtfully designed with robust frames, gaskets, panes and hardware that deliver the best performance, functionality and security.

The use of gaskets in proprietary systems enables moisture to evaporate through well-designed airways – avoiding condensation and fogginess. The chamber structure with gaskets ensures water stays out of the home and its premium material is certain to withstand any weather Hong Kong has to offer.

Gaskets used in proprietary systems
Proprietary system windows also have thermal breaks and insulating double glazing – creating an eco-friendly way to moderate your indoor room temperature. In addition, the stable aluminium windows’ inward-facing glazing bead design makes this system burglar-resistant.

To add to the charm, they’re elegant and modern, with a minimalistic design aesthetic that’ll keep your home beautiful-looking and thoroughly protected.

Condensation on an ordinary double-glazed window
The condensation on an ordinary double-glazed window after heavy rain
JS Aluminium Window commits to clear communication and transparency at every stage – promising tailor-made details for even the toughest of design challenges, transforming your vision into reality.

A construction technician will do a comprehensive, thorough inspection of your home and take into consideration every conceivable obstacle: water damage, any need for thermal insulation, noise pollution, theft, small tight spaces, and (of course!) increasingly harsh weather. Once a structural designer draws up a detailed draft up to your satisfaction, you’ll be able to truly visualise your dream home. JS Window guarantees a masterful installation by professionals – and its reliable and attentive customer after-sales service allows you to get in touch ASAP, should there be any later concerns on your side.

Bronze window and door system by Astec
JS Aluminium Window’s proprietary system ensures a clean design made from luxury textures and finishing, leaving you with beautiful windows and little to worry about – there’ll be no taping up windows in your future!

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