Amazing Benefits of Indoor/Outdoor Living

Indoor and outdoor living is a growing trend due to its many amazing benefits. Homeowners find that these living spaces add space, functionality, and beauty to their homes without the need for costly alterations or additions to the existing structure which could have costed extra money. So what can you do with the outer surface? The possibilities are nearly limitless.

Many homeowners build beautiful outdoor kitchens. Some create a lounge area complete with a fireplace. Others use their land for swimming pools and spas. If you’re thinking about how you can benefit from interior/exterior design, we have a few ideas.

Indoor and outdoor living areas expand your living space
Are you feeling pressured at home or want more space for entertainment? Indoor and outdoor living spaces are a great way to expand your living space without investing in expensive additions or renovations. Thanks to its versatility as a multipurpose space, homeowners can easily entertain and enjoy indoors and outdoors without feeling restricted.

Gone are the days of the traditional patio or patio. Places that once contained nothing but a BBQ, a patio table and a few garden chairs have evolved into sophisticated living spaces that can rival any indoor space. Homeowners are now leaning towards more functional spaces. Indoor and outdoor kitchens, dining areas and lounge areas are just a few ways homeowners are incorporating indoor and outdoor living into their homes.

An outdoor living room can blend seamlessly into a home. By maintaining a consistent design theme between the two rooms, the two appear as one cohesive space. In addition, the outdoor living area offers a seamless transition between the two. For example, by using a sliding glass wall, you can separate two areas with minimal visual and physical boundaries. The door allows an unobstructed view outside. And its simple operation allows access to both rooms if necessary.

Indoor and outdoor living spaces are good for your health
Being outside has some surprising health benefits. When creating an indoor/outdoor living space, you are investing in your overall well-being. Recent building trends have focused more on making the natural world accessible in urban environments as well. This desire to connect with nature is called biophilia and is known to benefit humans.

Cognition and memory
A recent study from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) showed that interacting with nature improves cognition and memory. Research shows that interacting with an environment containing attractive stimuli triggers the directed attention mechanism in the brain.

It reduces stress
Being outside can reduce stress. Another NIH study showed that integrating indoor and outdoor living into your home can lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the body.

Increase in home values

Investing in interior/exterior design is one of the easiest ways to add value to your home. These spaces add to the beauty, functionality and living space that makes a home desirable to potential buyers. They also promote overall health and well-being by bringing nature indoors.

When selling a home, space is one of the most important features a buyer wants. Unfortunately, homeowners who are unable to create additional interior space may not be able to compete with other homes on the market. However, adding outdoor space is an inexpensive way to increase the living space of a home.

Buyers want to be excited when they buy their dream home. Imagine their delight at the sight of a beautiful outdoor kitchen or living room. This feature alone is enough to set your home apart from the competition.

Additional Sweet Benefits

If you enjoy entertaining, adding indoor and outdoor living spaces greatly expands your options for social gatherings. An outdoor living room is a great way to get everyone out of the house for some fresh air at gatherings. Plus, there are lots of ways to use space for maximum enjoyment.
room for more guests.

Indoor entertainment is spatially limited. Because of this, you may need to limit the guest list for your meeting. Indoor and outdoor living areas give you the space you need to accommodate more guests. You can host indoor/outdoor meetings where guests can meet between two rooms instead of being crammed into one area. They also use sliding glass doors to separate areas and open the doors for entertainment when needed.

Outdoor kitchen
Indoor/outdoor kitchens are a popular trend that has grown over the years. They are getting bigger and more complex in design and function. Homeowners are building full kitchens that rival indoor kitchens. Many of these kitchens feature premium grills, worktops, sinks with full plumbing, and their own gas lines. Some people even build a pizza oven in their kitchen.

Enjoying the versatility of the indoor/outdoor kitchen
When an outdoor kitchen is not desired, sliding glass wall systems are a great option for homeowners. You can easily expand your kitchen without remodeling your outdoor space or adding appliances.

Many homeowners create outdoor entertainment areas featuring fireplaces or fire pits. This fire element is a great way to create an intimate seating area perfect for socializing.
TV Viewing Area
Game day becomes so much more exciting when you can watch it outdoors on your patio or deck. Installing an outdoor television is a great way to watch games or other television shows with friends and family.

Indoor and outdoor living room is a great place to stay

Who said you have to spend a fortune to get away? Indoor and outdoor living spaces can offer personal privacy right in your backyard. Such luxury is a great option if you don’t have time for a full vacation. A quick trip to your outdoor living area is often enough to freshen up. Besides kitchens and living rooms, many other options can create the perfect retreat.

Swimming pool
A swimming pool is something the whole family can enjoy. Adding a pool to your living space means you don’t have to leave your home to enjoy the water. Pools come in all shapes and sizes. So if you’re worried that you won’t have the space, a landscape designer may have the perfect option for your yard.’

Spas are a great way to relax your muscles at the end of a long day. Installing one in your backyard allows you to enjoy your spa without leaving your home. Not only that, you can get spa treatments without spending a penny for a day at the spa.

The conservatory is a great relaxation area and one of the easiest indoor and outdoor projects. A conservatory allows you to enjoy the fresh air without being exposed to the elements. Not only that, there are interior and exterior design options for sunbathing all year round to enjoy the space all year round.

Indoor and outdoor living room ideas are limited only by imagination. With a little creativity, you can create the perfect space for entertaining and relaxing. Several companies offers many sliding glass door options specifically for your project. Be sure to visit our design galleries for more ideas on creating the perfect outdoor space.

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