Imagine Sleeping Under the Stars In A Tiny Glass Igloo

Travelers or tourists all around the world tour to see the amazing, and exceptional sky’s natural light show that is very well known as Northern Lights. But a big thanks to this tented dome, here you can experience in a completely new and stunning way – in the real comfort of your own bed.

Situated on the shores in the ended Lapland, this tiny but truly amazing house can comfortably fit up to 4 people with single bedroom and close to bathroom facilities; inner part of the sleeping quarters, a dual size bed is covered by the exclusive shape of the heated dome, and additional beds can be included depending on the booking size.

The area is complete with a clear and really transparent wall that impresses visitors in the surroundings, and the fireplace adds a vocal vibe as you stare out into the wilderness.

There is also a little living space, which is complete with a small table and 2 chairs with such a furry surface. The rental also comes with complimentary breakfast so travelers and tourists do not have to move an inch as they take in the morning term. And just a short morning walk away is the facility of the bathroom that adds a shower, toilet and even a sauna.

The rental is situated on the border of reindeer, located among a lake and the forest. And the outside activities are available onsite, and the property is only a few miles north of the amazing Scandinavian Village MUONIO, Finland. In addition to the cafes, shops, restaurants, out of towners can check out the very near Swedish borderline and the Pallas Yllas Tunturi notational Park.

The only downside about this place is that you might be mesmerized by the lights that you’d forget all about going to sleep!

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