King Cobra The Connoisseur Of Beer With A Difference

Are you looking for the ideal Christmas gift for the beer Connoisseur? Then King Cobra is for you! One of Cobra beer’s more exclusive drinks, this is served in a champagne bottle creating it an amazing and unusual prize for the festive term, ideal for every beer lover.

More than this, beer is brewed applying ale yeast and is twice fermented in the pack, a procedure usually served for superfine TRAPPIST ales. This provides the beer a premium, complete bodied taste, hazy look.

The unusual beer was before this 2018, awarded a grand gold by Monde range, one of the prestigious class awards in the world of beer. It’s the ideal accompaniment for each gathering and with all food. Now the King Cobra – the Cobra Zero, Cobra Premium and Malabar – a small batch blonde IPA, and Cobra Gluten received Vegan approvals, meaning that it can be enjoyed by a couple of people.

This has forever brewed as the ideal beer to be enjoyed with King Cobra and the food is no exception, with a similar smooth taste. Brewed with super finest natural elements, with an innovative recipe, its low carbonation provides the range its distinctive character.

The King Cobra is a super premium beer brewed using an exclusive and complex method with finest components including malted barley, water, maize, rice, yeast, wheat and 3 ranges of hops. The outcome is the flavor of a lager with the pureness of ale, ideally rounded, smooth and balanced.

As being established in most Indian restaurants, this is now served alongside a huge range of pan Asian meals in restaurants across the state including Chinese, Thai, Japanese meals as-well-as Lebanese and Turkish meals.

With a complete range of diff products including a gluten-free beer and a Blond IPA, called Malabar after the Karnataka coast of State, Cobra Beer nowadays provides the ideal alternative that can be pleased on its own or with meals from around the world.

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