These Microwavable Slippers Keep Your Feet Toasty

Now that cold periods of weather have started to settle, it’s time to pull your coats and sweaters out of your winter storage space. Alongside outfits to bundle-up with, it’s time to get fuzzy socks out and find a moment to get our fuzzy socks and find our most favorite pair of slippers. Nothing is annoying than trying to get amazing things done around the home but your feet are freezing.

Socks do know forever do the job, no matter how fuzzy they are. If you are trying to clean around the home or do a few chores, but your feet keep getting a bit cold, you are going to want these slippers. They are not your average slippers!

If your home is really cold, your slippers might be too cold as well. Rather wait for them to warm-up, you can buy slippers that you put-up in the microwave. Thanks to PopSugar, we know about.


WARMIES are slippers which are intended to go in the oven. All it takes to heat up those smooth, plush slippers up in just a few seconds in the oven. They’re gently scented with smooth lavender to make them more soothing. These slippers are created from the top quality super soft material.

You can buy WARMIES from Amazon. They come in single general size, fitting ladies shoe length among 6 and 10. If you’ve smaller feet, you may wish to wear more thick socks with these. WARMIES are available in 5 diff colors: brown, cream, gray, snowy, and tawny. The slippers collection cost between $19.97 and $27.95. INTELEX also has boots slippers available on site, for those whose ankles get just as-cold-as their feet.

If you are not in the market for a slipper but wish to keep your feet warm, you may wish to check out this, it’s ideal to stick under your desk at work!

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