Swing It With These Hanging Chairs For Indoor And Outdoor Lounging

Got a porch? It’s time to invest in a hanging chair. These breezy seating options—often crafted from rattan for a natural look—are a fail-safe way to swing some summer relaxation, whether you’re reading, journaling, or just taking a nap. More classic silhouettes include an egg-shaped motif, while others are cast in bright, colorful hues that add real curb appeal.

Best of all, these versatile furnishings can be used indoors too, and adding them to living rooms, bedrooms, and lounges has become a go-to for many designers, often adding a touch of retro flair. “The Nanna Ditzel egg chair has always been a favorite,” says Mia Jung, interiors director at ELLE DECOR A-List firm Ike Kligerman Barkley. “I would use it for a Japanese-inspired room to add some fun, while still going with that zen feeling.” Here, a few more of our favorites hanging chairs for the gazebo and beyond.


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